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Spring Awakening

Wowzer – has it really been 4 months since I last blogged?  Geez…the last time I left you, I was enjoying a nice quiet Christmas Eve by the fireplace with my two pooches.  I feel like a bear that has just awoken from a long winter nap….seriously!!!

Just to give you a crash course of what’s been going on – Christmas was wonderful.  Spent a nice day with the family and the babes spoiled me with my iPad (thanks again babes).  We rang in the New Year with a few close friends and had a great time (although I’m saddened by the recent passing of Dick Clark).  January went by in a complete blur (that is also my busy busy season at work with year-end and stuff).  The winter was great, we rarely got snow (insert happy dance) and I was able to get out and get back into running.  I’m feeling really good about where I am with it and I’m looking forward to a few races coming up in the next few months.  Ed took me out to dinner and gave me beautiful roses for Valentine’s Day.  Sometime in March, I took a mini-vacation from work and generally for the past few weeks, I’ve just been keeping a low profile and enjoying the warm weather.  We finally booked our trip to Chicago and we are planning a trip to Boston for our 10 year anniversary! Oh, and I’ve gardening too, but that’s not all peaches and roses – yes, I do not have a green thumb!

So what have you been up to?  Stay tuned – I’ll have updates on my 101 in 1001 journey in the next few days…..