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A Blessed Christmas

Seasons Greetings Friends! As I sit here waiting for the babes to get ready for dinner, I just wanted to take a moment to reflect on all the great things I have in life! I’m very thankful for my husband of over 10 years! Together we have built a beautiful home, with two awesome fur babies, and we are very blessed for our life!



I’m very thankful for my awesome family! “We may not have it all together, but together we have it all!” I’m also blessed with a fantastic circle of friends. Without you my life would be incomplete!

So from my home to yours, I wish you all the blessings in the world, not just at Christmas, but every day! Merry Christmas!!!



Season’s Greetings

To My Dear Friends,

I just wanted to take an opportunity to wish you all a Merry Christmas and a blessed New Year!

From my home to yours,
Shannon, Ed, Mario, and Mia


Thankful Journal V – November 20th to November 24th

**12/20/11 – Happy belated Thanksgiving.  I had this post written to be published on 11/25, but given my need to jump into all things Christmas, I sort of forgot to hit the update button (and when I went to write a new post today, I saw this was still listed as a draft – whoops).  So if you have a leftover turkey leg (although I must put in a disclaimer that it may or may not be good for you), enjoy my final installment of my Thankful Journal.  I hope you have found a silver lining in each day like I have**

Sunday – November 20, 2011 – The little people in my life – I have four nieces and nephews that I love dearly and I cherish each and every one of them.  They are all awesome in their own way – Dana is my teenage diva, Riley has no fear, Makenzie is my creative and artsy child, and Colton is just pure sweetness and can melt my heart.  Love these little brats

Monday – November 21, 2011 – Kind Co-Workers – I’m working on an Advent Calendar and one of my co-workers was nice enough to lend me a staple gun to help with my project.  More on that soon!

Tuesday – November 22, 2011 – Getting Skunked – So my co-worker had an issue with her dog and a skunk (basically the dog got sprayed with a skunk) and her whole house smelled like skunk.  So she came into work on Tuesday and had a bit of an odor.  We all teased her (I told her that “she was bringing skunky back”) and had a good laugh at her expense.  Looks like she got skunked (much love to you Skunky Chrissy!!!)

Wednesday – November 23, 2011 – General Happiness – So normally I’m a pretty pleasant, happy-go-lucky type, but today I’m just generally more happy.  I don’t know if it’s because I’m on the horizon of a 4-day weekend (YES!!!!) or that I’m just generally blessed.  Either way, there was an extra pep in my step and I’m loving it!

Thursday – November 24, 2011 – An Attitude of Gratitude – Well, Happy Thanksgiving Everyone!  I’m thankful for my family, friends, a day off from work, and just having a blessed life!  I’ve been through my share of ups and downs, but I’m glad that I have chosen to use these as lessons and have them help me shape who I am today.  I hope that you and your families have lots to be thankful for too!  Happy Thanksgiving!

Thankful Journal – Part 1 – 10.24.11-10.29.11

Well, as promised in my last update for my 101 in 1001 challenge, I wanted to complete task #99 – Keep a journal for one month and write down 1 thing I’m thankful for each day.  So, I’m keeping this journal right here on my bloggy-blog, for you all to read.  I figured I’d start on 10/24/11 to 11/24/11 (Thanksgiving).  So here’s the first week (figuring I’d go Sunday – Saturday, although this first week starts with Monday).

Monday – October 24, 2011 – Kind Words – my birthday is 10/24 and I was thankful for the many kind words I received through phone calls/text messages/facebook posts.  Thank you all for taking a moment out of your day to think of me! Some of the sweetest words came from the babes @ 8:30 AM when I woke up – “Happy Birthday sweetie” with a kiss on my forehead – ahhh, love 🙂

Tuesday – October 25, 2011 – Quality Time With My Family – On Tuesday Night, my sister Kelly and I, along with her daughter Makenzie, went out to dinner and then created some pottery. We all had a great time, and I found that I’m more creative than I thought (when we pick up the final pieces, I will share with you!).  Here’s my niece, Makenzie, showing off her artwork:

Wednesday – October 26, 2011 – Running – I had a particularly rough day at work (hey it happens), so after I got home, I went out for a nice long run (3.65 miles).  It was nice to (a) enjoy the beautiful fall weather and (b) let go of some much-needed stress.

Thursday – October 27, 2011 – Alone Time – Eddie went out to watch the Miami/Virginia game, so I seized the opportunity to catch up and write some blog notes (one of my goals is to create a better blog with more content other than my 101 in 1001 challenge), talk to one of the BFF’s (Megan), and chat with my niece Dana on Facebook. 

Friday – October 28, 2011 – Pretty Sunrises – On my way to work, I happened to see this pretty sky.  Made me happy and made my day!

Saturday – October 29, 2011 – Celebrations – Within our close circle of friends, there are 5 birthdays (including mine) from October 20 – November 4 (Happy Birthday Jimmy, Chris L, Kelly, and Chrissy).  So we decided to go out and celebrate all the birthdays.  Since many have children now, it’s difficult to all get together, but I know wehad a great time, and it was nice catching up and celebrating another year!  Cheers!

Christmas Recap

Aaaah, Christmas is over 😦  I love the holidays, so it’s a bit tough for me when it’s all over.  I love getting together with family and celebrating.  Here’s a recap of how things went:

Thursday I ran with my awesome running group (Road Runners Club of Woodbury – you can link to their Facebook page here) and we had a small gathering @ Vic & Maria’s (thank you again if you are reading this – the stromboli was awesome).  It was great to talk about different races/training, and getting to know each-other outside the running world.

Friday morning I did my traditional grocery run @ 6:00 AM (yes, I’m crazy, but I do not deal well with crowds) to stock up on some essentials and get whatever I needed for Christmas dinner.  I cooked a great breakfast, did some running around and went to dinner @ Filomena’s in Blackwood (Steak + Crab = YUM!) with Eddie and my in-laws.  Ed loves Christmas Eve, but I’m more of a Christmas Day person.   Eddie went to a friend’s house and I stayed home, wrapped his gifts, and just sat with the doggies by the fireplace and the tree.  It was nice to just relax and remind myself how lucky I am to have a great family, husband, and friends.  I’m truly blessed.

Saturday (Christmas Day) was filled with craziness.  Eddie and I exchanged gifts (thanks babes) and I cooked and cleaned all day.  The family (Ed’s parents/sister, my sister Jen/2 kids, Bernie/girlfriend Linda, Sister Kelly/husband Paul/2 kids) were all there.  It was great to joke around, cook together, watch the kids open their gifts and just hang out. To quote my favorite Christmas Song “I wish every day could be like Christmas ” (by Bon Jovi – love it).  Here’s some pictures from the day:

All the kids (L to R): Riley, Dana, Colton, Makenzie

My big brother Bernie (wearing Riley’s pimp gear)

Whip-it shots – why do I let Bernie talk me into these things (also, I think this was how the food fight started Christmas 2003)

Kids opening gifts

And of course – this post wouldn’t be complete without my babies (and you know they are absolutely adorable – Mia & Mario)

I hope you all had a very wonderful Christmas!  Tell me all about your celebration!  I do wish each of you a fabulous 2011 – filled with love, happiness, health, success, and wealth!

Happy Halloween

Ok, let’s get this out right away I am not a fan of Halloween.  My earliest memories of Halloween date to 1983/1984.  I was Smurfette and Jennifer was Papa Smurf (the family always thought it was ‘cute’ to dress us in a theme).  I absolutely hated the mask and the wig.   I also remember getting frightened by MJ’s classic “Thriller”, slamming my grandparents bedroom door shut (and our house was so old that the slightest bit of humidity would swell the doors when shut) and it got stuck.  I screamed like Marion Crane in ‘Psycho’ swearing that the monsters were coming out from under the bed to get me. To the present day, I still hate Halloween.  I get skeeved by the sight of candy corn, dry heave at the smell of costume makeup, and sweat nervously in Halloween superstores seeing all the creepy dead babies oozing blood/guts out of their mouths. 

Every year our good friends Ryan & Kelly host a Halloween party (in costume).  Ed tries to get me amped up for Halloween and costume searches/ideas, but I have a very hard time with it.  I am not creative, but in order for me to do anything Halloween-ish, I have to do something funny and non-threatening.  Two years ago at the initial party I was a pregnant nun and Eddie was a priest (sorry for all you die-hard religious people out there – I did pray and repent afterwards).  Last year Ed was a rock star and I was a groupie (see pic above), but I’m having difficulty coming up with something. In an effort to be creative, here were my options:

(1) I’d be a prisoner and Ed would be a dog (hence a prisoner and its Bitch) – yeah, Ed didn’t like that, but he’s always such a good sport so I was disappointed

(2) Ed could be Norman Bates and I would be Mother (from the movie Psycho – I love, love, love that movie) – again, Eddie shot it down

(3) I’d wear an American Asphalt Shirt and be an Asphalt Laborer – Ed said it lacked creativity

(4) Angel of Death

There were a few other options, but I’ll keep them secret for potential future use.  I ended up being none of the above and was some sort of 50s Pink Lady (I’d say Sandra Dee meets Rizzo).  I felt like it was a total cop-out, but it was something (bonus, I got to bust out the old class ring to wear!).   Here we are – my favorite wiener and me (sorry about the poor image quality – iPhone)

Now it’s time to go spend time with some of my favorite goblins, my niece Makenzie and my nephew Colton.  We always go trick-or-treating every year and with these two cuties around, it makes it a little easier to get into the Halloween spirit!