101 in 1001 update – part 1 of 2

So I’m highly embarrassed that I have not updated this in nearly a year.  So much has happened, and quite frankly most nights it’s hard to get on the computer, and thanks to my babes for my iPad, I’ve been too obsessed with Pinterest (and now Instagram) that I do nothing but that….lol.  With that said, here’s a brief update as to where I am on my 101 in 1001 challenge:

#4 – Run the Broad Street 10 Mile Run in Philadelphia – In 2011, I failed this task thanks to over-training, so I was more determined than ever to finish.  My goal was to finish in under 2 hours.  I finished with a chip time of 1 hr, 55 min.  Minus the need to go potty along the way, I felt that I did really well (so well that I wasn’t even sore the next day).  I’m already looking forward to the race next year as it was probably one of the best races I have ever run. Here’s me after the race (and right before the Babes complained that he was “too tired from all the walking he did”):

#9 – Plant a perennial garden in my yard –   Thanks to Facebook, I received some suggestions on what to do with the bare spot in my yard. I  added some azalea bushes (which stay green all year after flowering in early spring), some Coral Bells, and some tulips for the spring.  So far I’ve nearly killed one azalea bush (how is that possible?), but I’m working on bringing that puppy back to life.

#26 – Write a letter to Eddie for him to open on our 10 year wedding anniversary (08.17.12) –   Well, I’m almost complete (meaning that I’ve channeled my inner-nerd and wrote an outline of what I wanted to say like it’s a damn term-paper).  There are so many loving memories/emotions that were present while writing this.  I’m just so thankful for him and the life we’ve built together.  I can’t share this one, like I did last year, just because it’s a bit too personal to share with the whole bloggy world (and I like to have some privacy…lol).  Happy Anniversary Babes – xoxo

#31  – Have my picture taken with Santa Claus –   On 12/3/11 (yeah, I can’t believe it’s really been that long since I blogged), my friends Mike & Sara had their baby girl’s first birthday party – a Winter ‘One’derland.  No winter party is complete without the jolly old fella, so being the mature adult that I am, I had to get my picture taken.  Check out all my cheesey-ness here:

#37 – Have one weekend a month for an entire year without any commitments – Dunzo and I have to say that was one of my favorite tasks.  The two weekends for November/December were 11/12-11/13 and 12/10-12/11.  I’m still trying to continue this, because I know my schedule fills up fast (hell, I have plans well into December already) and I think it’s important to take time for yourself.

#40 – Go see ND/UM Football Game with Eddie in 2012 – well, it’s official.  We are going to Chicago to see Notre Dame/Miami Football Game.  This has been on the Babes radar since 2004 (I think, college football games are sometimes scheduled so far in advance).  I’m pretty excited because I’ve never been to Chicago.  So bring on the deep dish pizza and hopefully a Miami win for the Babes.

#43 – Watch all Godfather Movies –  I’m 2/3, I watched Part I on 8/5, and watched Part II on 8/10.  Most people were shocked that I was married to an Italian and I had never seen them.  I blame the Babes for this one.  He showed me a scene about a horses head in someones bed and I totally spazzed and refused to watch. But since it was on the list, I felt I had to do it.  I will note a few things – (a) they are great movies (despite the whole horses head thingy), (b) Al Pacino was H-O-T (which confirms my attraction to short Italian men) and (c) in typical girl fashion, I recognized every reference to ‘The Godfather’ that was in the movie ‘You’ve Got Mail’ (Eddie said those references weren’t true or that he didn’t remember them, but I found them ALL).

#48 – Run a half marathon So basking in my runners high after completing the Broad Street Run, I registered for my first half marathon.  On September 16th, I’m doing the Rock and Roll Half Marathon in Philadelphia.  Sounds pretty cool, but I wish they had a better headliner than Cobra Starship (last year they had Bret Michaels, and I love me some hot 80’s hair-band frontmen, even if his hair is the finest European weave).  I’m pretty excited, but I sincerely doubt I’ll ever run a full marathon (I like to think I’m only 1/2 crazy…lol).

How’s everything going – are you enjoying your summer?  I know I am!


4 responses to “101 in 1001 update – part 1 of 2

  1. i love your blogs!!! go shan go!!!! i’m betting once you finish the rnr-half, you’ll be an addict and want to do a full 🙂

    • Thanks Val – but we’ll see about the full marathon; I just want to get through 9/16 already…lol – do you have any strategies you wish to share?

      • Go to the bathroom just before the start, as close to the gun as possible, the first 4-5 portapots along the course will have long lines!! Also, use every water station, even in those first few miles when you think you can skip it; you’ll thank yourself at mile 11 🙂 you’ll do awesome, I know it!!

      • Yeah, I had that problem along broad street. I definitely agree with you about the water stations – my goal is to run to each one, take my time (rest for 1-2 minutes) and then on to the next. I’m looking forward to it!!!!

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