Thankful Journal IV – November 13th to November 19th

Wow,  Thanksgiving is less than a week away.  That’s insane, but so is one local radio station playing Christmas Music (and as a self-professed Christmas Junkie, this even irritates me – although I may have slightly contradicted myself below).  So, I’m back with my 4th installment of the Thankful Journal…..

Sunday – November 13, 2011 – Old Jokes – Back in HS, I had this one teacher who on the 13th of any given month would say “Friday the 13th Comes on a Sunday this month” (assuming the 13th would be on a Sunday).  So this morning I was awoken with this little reminder – and of course I had to beat my BFF Val to it and posted it on her Facebook wall (it is now a challenge to see who gets to it first every month)

Monday – November 14, 2011 – Warm Weather and Christmas Music Collide – it was a very nice day (and nice I mean sunny and 70 – which is very rare for NJ in November).  I happened to be flipping through the stations and found myself belting out Winter Wonderland.  Seemed odd, especially since it’s not even Thanksgiving yet (I don’t like Christmas Music until the day after Thanksgiving), but admittingly there was just something refreshing about it.

Tuesday – November 15, 2011 – Pinterest – Have you checked out Pinterest?  OMG, I’m hooked. Not only do you get to browse different ideas (DIY, Home, food, etc), but you get to pin your inspirations on a virtual board.  It keeps me busy for hours – especially the Humor section, where I found these gems:

By the way, if you are a friend on Facebook and want a Pinterest invite, let me know; I’ll email you an invitation!

Wednesday – November 16, 2011 – Carside Take-Out – I have a sinus infection and on this particular day, I felt like I was repeatedly getting punched in the face.  After realizing that I had left overs from the previous nights dinner for the babes, I ordered some soup from Carrabbas.  It was nice not having to cook!

Thursday – November 17, 2011 – Being Creative – I’m working on a project, which is rather funny, unfortunately I can’t share many details, at least until after the recipient receives it (and I will remain tight-lipped until then)

Friday – November 18, 2011 – End of a Work Week – Friday was a little hectic and stressful and I was more than happy to know it was also the end of a work week.  Woo hoo for the weekend (even though it was a busy one)

Saturday – November 19, 2011 – Facebook and Extended Family – I have a very unconventional family.  I barely know anything aside my Mother’s – Mother’s side (if that make sense).  So thanks to Facebook, I reconnected with my cousin Kim and my cousin Anita (they are relatives on my Mother’s-Father’s side aka the Hagerthey side).  I hosted a dinner and it was great to have everyone over (and finally meet Anita), learn a little about the Hagerthey side and just general conversation.  I hope we can all get together again soon!

I’ve loved seeing the different happy thankful posts on Facebook – keep them coming!


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