Language Barrier

How many of you have ordered a cheesesteak in South Philly before (@ Pats, Genos, Tony Lukes, Jim’s, etc)?  Well, many of you know that there is only one real way to do so – see the illustration below:

The babes taught me this after my first failed attempt at age 17 – and believe me he’s a pro!!!!

This afternoon, after some shopping, I decided to venture off to Tony Lukes new eatery right here in the heart of Washington Township (Twp, as the locals call it, or S. Philly East in my world) to pick up lunch for the babes and me.  I would have thought that since I was ordering lunch from a S. Philly eatery, the lingo would be the same (especially since I live in S. Philly East – I swear more than 1/2 the Twp population was from, or their parents were from S. Philly – no joke).  Here’s how the order went down:

Cashier:  Can I help you?

Me: I’d like 2 provolone wit (side note, it’s not with, it’s wit – translated as I’d like 2 provolone cheesesteaks with fried onions, following the illustration above)

Cashier: Uhhhh (insert long pause and blank stare with mouth partially open like I was speaking Mandarin Chinese), what was that?

Me:  I’d like 2 provolone cheesesteaks with fried onions

Cashier:  So you want 2 cheesesteaks,  (insert blank stare) both with provolone cheese, and uhhhhhhhh both with fried onions?

Me:  Yes

Although the steaks were delicious, I would love to know what the owners thought of that?  How could you work in a S. Philly based cheesesteak place, located in S. Philly East and not know the lingo?  I have to admit, I thought it was too funny not to share.


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