Weeks 39-46 Update

Ok, so I’m a slacker.  I haven’t updated since July 15th; seriously, I’ll virtually slap myself in the face to make up for it (ok, maybe not).  Anyhow, I’m back with the latest installment of my 101 in 1001 challenge.  Here goes kiddos:

#5 – Finish cleaning out and organizing the basement – So yes, I wanted this complete by August 31st, but it wasn’t done until 9/5 (better late than never, huh?).  The babes went away to Maryland for the Miami-Maryland Football game and well, I seized the opportunity to ‘take care of business’ while he was away.  When the cat’s away, the mice will play organinze (well at least this mouse).  It felt good to get rid of so much.  I have some organizing ideas in mind to make the basement more spiffy, but that requires some funds and well, that’s low priority.  I’m just happy to do goofy dances around the basement – and once I have my yard sale, a lot more will be gone 🙂

#19 – Put up some wall decor in my living room – 1/2 complete.  I bought some new frames from Bed Bath & Beyond for wedding pictures (mind you, I’ve been married for 9 years).  I had the wedding pictures on my mantle in my family room but (a) they were in mis-matched frames and (b) I thought they would look more elegant in matted, matching frames (yes, I like things to be cohesive).  So now the I’m trying to configure the arrangement (and given my need for perfection, I’m making this way more difficult than necessary).

#37 – Have one weekend a month for an entire year without any commitments – still in process, but I’m happy to say I’m 9 for 9 (I’m dancing in my seat as I type this).  I opted to take last weekend as my ‘free’ weekend and I did absolutely nothing (well,relaxed on Friday, met up Berndog – my brother – on Saturday, relaxed on Sunday, and cleaned the basement on Monday).  MOST FAVORITE TASK SO FAR!!!

#52 – Go see 5 movies in theatres – in process, but I’m 3/5.  The most recent was Horrible Bosses.  Eh, it was funny, but not overly funny (and usually I’m a sucker for stupid humor). 

#64 – Go See Mets in Washington DC – thanks to a Christmas gift from the babes, we went to DC on 7/31/11.  It was awesome.  I love, love, love going to new baseball stadiums; although I could have done without the 100+ degree weather.  We had a blast and I can’t wait to our next ballpark adventure 🙂


 #92 – Go to the shore at least 3 times summer 2011 – Complete.  I love the shore/beach, but I never take time to go (mainly because I can only go on weekends and shore traffic is hell).  So we went over Memorial Day Weekend to Atlantic City to walk the boards, the beach on July 16th (with very bad sunburn – which reminds me, the next time the babes asks if he should go back to the car and get sunscreen, reply with a resounding YES! – see picture below), and again on Aug 5th for the babes birthday.  I was very happy to have my ‘toes in the water, ass in the sand’! 

So how was your summer?  Are you a little sad that it’s fall?  I am, but I’m not – time to bake some pumpkin cheesecake! Oh, and just for an added “awww” here’s a picture of a caged up Mario (just hiding under the kitchen table):


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