Meet Marilyn

Wow, the kitchen is finally done and I have to say that I’m beyond excited at the transformation and the completion of my kitchen (sorry for the 2 month delay on the reveal).  I’ve been busy organizing, reorganizing (bad habit) and cooking up a storm (I NEVER, EVER, thought I’d say that).  Here’s what she looked like when she was plain, drab, and boring Mary:

She was cute and user-friendly, but I wanted more.  This is where I last left you (mid way through the transformation):

To quote my favorite Clean House diva Niece Nash (although sadly no longer with the show)…..”Take off your blindfolds and open your eyes (ok, assuming you are wearing virtual blindfolds):

Isn’t Marilyn a beauty???  This is the actual first makeover where I’m actually happy with everything (including artwork).  Just for your viewing pleasure, here’s a slide show of the entire project (if you’ve got 3 minutes to spare):

A few things I would recommend (beside the obvious get pricing, interview contractors, etc):

(1) Stick to your budget – we went over by 15%, not terrible, but not great

(2) Be patient – yeah, easy for me to say, very hard to do, but I bit my tongue quite a few times

(3) Keep your eye on the prize – no matter how many times I got frustrated with a lack of a kitchen, I kept telling myself to think about the end result. 

What do you think?  Anyone else accomplish some major home improvement tasks lately?


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