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Cheers to 9 Years!

Since today is my 9th wedding anniversary, I decided to write a little note to the babes (even though it’s on my 101 list for our 10 year anniversary – this one can be shared; I’ll save the even mush-ier stuff for next year to be shared with Ed exclusively – sorry!)

Dear Babes,

Happy Anniversary!  Can you believe it’s been 9 years of wedded bliss?  I can’t.  I’m sure we’ve had our share of doubters, but we’ve always managed to rise above and here we are still standing strongly – together. Who would have thought 14 years ago when we met (you in your black Boss jeans, slicked back hair, and your purple cavalier and me in my white tees, khaki shorts, and Fred Flintstone sandals) we’d be where we are? 

Although I’m not one for public proclamations of affection, nor am I good with words, I wanted to create  a “Top 10” (9 years + 1 year to grow on :)) for you:

10 – You are unintentionally funny.  I always laugh when I’m with you

9 – You are the best wedding date ever (and we have video proof; ask Ryan/Kelly)

8 – You dance to rap songs and I always catch you watching MTV Jams “I’ve got some dirt on my shoulder could you wipe it off for me?”.  You are an OG

7 – You have an adorable ‘butt chin’ that I like to squeeze

6 – You are always the butt of my jokes, but you don’t take anything personal (especially when we discuss your grooming habits or cheapness)

5 – Even though you claim to be the “biggest Phillies fan there is”, I know deep down you are a Mets Fan (and I love that you are willing to travel with me to see different baseball stadiums too)

4 – You can make me absolutely crazy in one minute, but then calm (and keep me calm) the next

3 – You make me want to be a better person and you are one of the best people I know

2 – You still act surprised by anything I say by simply saying “Yo Shan!”

1 – You are my best friend; you are always there without hesitation, laughing with me or wiping away my tears.  You have never failed me. You give the most unconditional love

There you have it babes.  I love you and all your silly ways.  I can’t imagine going on this journey of life without you!  Cheers to many more and “Thank you for loving me”.

Love you,



Meet Marilyn

Wow, the kitchen is finally done and I have to say that I’m beyond excited at the transformation and the completion of my kitchen (sorry for the 2 month delay on the reveal).  I’ve been busy organizing, reorganizing (bad habit) and cooking up a storm (I NEVER, EVER, thought I’d say that).  Here’s what she looked like when she was plain, drab, and boring Mary:

She was cute and user-friendly, but I wanted more.  This is where I last left you (mid way through the transformation):

To quote my favorite Clean House diva Niece Nash (although sadly no longer with the show)…..”Take off your blindfolds and open your eyes (ok, assuming you are wearing virtual blindfolds):

Isn’t Marilyn a beauty???  This is the actual first makeover where I’m actually happy with everything (including artwork).  Just for your viewing pleasure, here’s a slide show of the entire project (if you’ve got 3 minutes to spare):

A few things I would recommend (beside the obvious get pricing, interview contractors, etc):

(1) Stick to your budget – we went over by 15%, not terrible, but not great

(2) Be patient – yeah, easy for me to say, very hard to do, but I bit my tongue quite a few times

(3) Keep your eye on the prize – no matter how many times I got frustrated with a lack of a kitchen, I kept telling myself to think about the end result. 

What do you think?  Anyone else accomplish some major home improvement tasks lately?