Monthly Archives: June 2011

Weeks 25-33 Update

Hi Friends…..It’s been a  long, long, long while (8 weeks…ouch), but as you know I’ve been working on my kitchen upgrade (you can read about it here, here, and here), so this project has taken a bit of a backseat to everything else (and my May 27th deadline has not it’s still not done – don’t ask).  But nonetheless, I’ve been working on it (at a tortoise pace).

#4 Run the Broad Street 10 mile run in Philadelphia – epic fail for 2011; damn shin splints. I hope to compete next year!  However, I’m thrilled for my pals @ RRCW for recording personal records!  Way to represent!

#5 Finish cleaning out and organizing the basement – this is still about 1/2 way done. I wanted to have a yard sale in June, but then decided to push it back until September.  Once the hot weather hits, I’ll make this a priority. 

#37 Have one weekend a month for an entire year without any commitmentsin process; 5/12 January/February/March/April/May 2011; I did this the last week of April and again May 21st/22nd.  Aaaah, refreshing! I really think this is my favorite task of all and I plan on doing this monthly, even after my year is up! 

#52 Go see 5 movies in the theatres  – Eddie and I went to see Hangover 2 last Saturday.  It was not nearly as funny as the first (can anyone possibly name a series where the sequel was better than the original?? I can’t), but it was still funny and somewhat graphic (yes, if you have small children, it is not recommended to bring them to the theatre – as we saw a family with children under 10 in the audience….really???).  So now I am 2/5. 

#78 Go see Mets/Rangers in Arlington June 2011 (and yes, I will be indulging in garlic fries!) – this one saddens me.  I can’t seem to find cheap enough flights, and after spending a pretty penny on the kitchen, I don’t know if I’m going to make it.  I’m not considering it a fail yet (and this will be the first fail that I can’t recover from), but if by some miracle I can score a cheap flight (and by cheap I mean really cheap, almost free).  If only I had enough frequent flyer miles???  I guess that would mean I’d have to take more trips (which I’m not one for doing).  Does anyone have any miles they’d like to share???

#89 Clean out garage – So sometime mid-March I started this and was about half way through.  Then we had a slight mouse problem (eek) as we were working on the kitchen and I found that their point of entry was the garage.  Well needless to say, I jumped all over this task and completed it (plus set up poison for the little buggers).  We only had two casualties – a mouse and a chipmunk.  Oh well, they should have known if the mess with me they’d end up defeated!

I hope you are all doing well and enjoying this warm weather.  Shout to Val as our weatherman called our recent heat wave a “Texas Sizzler”…lol!