Kitchen Update 2

Howdy.  So I’m back with more trials and tribulations with the good old kitchen update.  It honestly hasn’t been that bad, but it’s just frustrating for me because I’m on someone else’s watch for completion (and as I had mentioned in my last post, I just love not having complete control).  So the last time I left you, the kitchen looked like this:

We have since removed all wallpaper


Added recessed lights

Added a ceiling and wall patched areas by the soffits

Primed the walls and painted the ceiling

Removed the remaining cabinets

I have to admit that I’m pretty happy with the progress so far.  Our cabinets are here, in the garage (woo hoo).  They will be installed Monday the 9th and the countertop people will be out to do the template on the 10th.  If all goes well (keep your fingers crossed for me), we should be done by May 27th (just in time for Memorial Day)!

Anyone else undertaking some major projects? Oh, and since it’s Mother’s Day, here’s a happy shout out to all my favorite Mommy friends and Mommy-to-be friends!


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