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Week 24 Update

Hi Friends!  Here I am back with my weekly update (let’s see if we can give this a go again to see if I can keep it weekly…lol).  Here’s the updated standings on my 101 in 1001 challenge:

#65 Donate Blood – ok, so I did have this complete on Week 1 (I think this was the 1st task completed), but I cycled it again.  March is Red Cross Month, so if you haven’t done so already, I highly encourage you to donate!  There’s a few days left, so don’t delay.  To find a blood drive near you, click here for the Red Cross homepage.

#80 Host a brunch for my girlfriends – so today, I had a few of my close girlfriends over for brunch  and manicures.  I love, love, love to entertain, so I always have a blast.  Everyone had a good time as well and as a surprise (well, they found out on the invitations),  I invited my friend Patty over (she’s a manicurist @ Salon Christopher in Washington Twp – visit her if you are looking for an awesome manicurist) for an extra treat.  Here’s a brief run down of food served (msg me if you want any recipes):


Spinach/Swiss and Bacon Cheddar Quiche

Raspberry Puff Rolls



Friendship Bread (courtesy of Sara)

All in all it was a great time and I’ll have to do it again soon. It’s nice to all hang out without our husbands/boyfriends and just have ‘girl talk’.

Anyone have any interesting news lately?  I may have some news coming soon, but I’m still trying to get some things in order first, I’ll have more details by the end of the week.  Stay tuned!!!!


Random Funny-ness

Last weekend, the babes and I went over to 9th Street in S. Philly (known as the Italian Market for those of you who don’t live in the area).  I love love love DiBruno’s sharp provolone cheese and Eddie wanted some sopressata (some sort of salami that I find disgusting).  As we were walking along 9th Street, among the many fruit/veggie stands, cheese stores, and various meat shops, I happen to see this:

I found the slogan hysterical.  “Don’t divorce your wife because she can’t cook.  Eat here and keep her as a pet” – most women I know would be offended, but I couldn’t help but laugh and I thought I’d share the laughter with you. Oh, this is another random 9th St. sighting (I stole this picture from my Texas Cousin’s visit in 2009 – just a tad horrifying to visitors, but humorous to me):

Yes, that would be random carcasses in the window. Gotta love Philly!

Weeks 21-23 Update

Hi Friends.  I can’t believe it’s been nearly a month since my last post.  Spring fever has really set in (and after the winter we had, you could totally understand why).  Here’s the latest update on my 101 in 1001 project:

#37 Have one weekend a month for an entire year without any commitments – aside from doing the blog, this is definitely one of my favorite tasks (and probably THE one that I take the most seriously too).  Back on March 12th & 13th, I went 3/3 so far this year.  I did some spring cleaning on the 12th and on the 13th I went to my sisters and hung out with two of my favorite kiddies.  We had homemade pizzas and I got to meet the newest edition to the Lehto family – my nephew Shelby (named after the Mustang, not Julia Robert’s character from Steel Magnolia’s)

Kenzie & Colton making pizzas


Shelby all tuckered out after chasing the kiddies around

#80 Host a brunch for my girlfriends – It’s on for this weekend.  I’m so excited and I can’t wait to get my Martha Stewart on.  I love love love to entertain!  I hope the girls have a blast. More details to follow.

#89 Clean out garage – yeah this is long overdue.  I would say I’m a good 3/4 of the way done.  I took a half day on the 18th since it’s often easier to do projects like this without Eddie around (yes he’s a tremendous help, but he likes to save everything and I love to purge) – I have some organization to do and I found some stuff for my upcoming yard sale.  I can at least park in there – so that’s a major accomplishment.

Well, that’s it for me now; I hope all is well with you.  Are any of you bursting at the seams with it now finally being spring???  Until next time, take care!

Weeks 19 & 20 Update

Hello Friends. I’m back!!  I know it’s been a while since I’ve posted my 101 in 1001 list, but honestly there hasn’t been all that much to report.  Here’s the low-down on the latest:

#2 Stop a soldier out in public and say thanks – can you say EPIC FAIL!  Yes, I saw several soldiers while we were out and about in the Big D (Dallas) and I was a huge chicken!  DFW airport was littered with them, but I totally crapped out (well, more likely crapped my pants).  I don’t know why I’m so shy and when I became shy, but one day I will muster the courage to just say thanks.  I think the servicemen/women of our country need to know that we all appreciate their efforts in maintaining our freedoms (so don’t be a big chicken like me and make sure you say thanks too!)!

#37 Have one weekend a month for an entire year without any commitments – yeah, so I marked the last weekend of February as my do nothing weekend, and well I did nothing except for lay in bed.  I was sick, and it was so bad that I actually went to the doctors (and I HATE doctors).  Yeah, I was that bad.  Not exactly how I planned to spend my no-committment weekend (ironic, no?), but I did a lot of sleeping and watched A Bronx Tale.  One thing that I kept thinking of was how I got sick?  Yeah, I got it from work (and whatever it was spread around the office faster than TMZ can report on Charlie Sheen’s shenanigans).  I will say one thing, sharing is great, but please do not share your germs!  Keep them to yourself!  Don’t bring them to work – ok, so that was my PSA of the day!

#80 Host a brunch for my girlfriends – finally, less than a month away.  Evites have been sent, menu has been formalized (and soon to be taste-tested by the babes).  I’m excited and I can’t wait.  I hope it all comes together smoothly without stressing (although the stress is inevitable because that’s how I roll).  My girlfriends and I have so much to celebrate – 1 wedding and 3 new babies and I’m looking forward to it (and I hope they are too).

Well, back to work and Happy March (16 days til spring!)