Weeks 17 & 18 Update

Hi Folks!  Since I’m running late with last week and I don’t have much going on this week, it only made sense to consolidate posts (see, I’m all about simplifying things, right…lol).  I’m getting to that point where I’m feeling like I’m hitting a wall with this challenge.  Let’s hope that when I get back from my trip, I’ll be more motivated (and hopefully the spring season will be a great motivator to get going). Let’s get down to business, shall we:

#3 Write& mail 3 thank you cards to 3 people I feel blessed to have in my life – yeah, so I had  this complete, until I started cleaning out the office and realized what I forgot to mail.  As my BFF Val could tell you, I’m horrible at mailing things (i.e. I had a book signed by Teresa Guidice for Val for her 30th 29th birthday – which was in August – and she didn’t get it until Christmas Eve – yes, I’m that pathetic).  So I decided I would throw them out and re-write them and I’m hanging my head in shame….whoops!

#73 Organize office; shred old bills and set up a yearly expand-a-file for all current bills, med receipts, etc – bonus if we can go paperless – this is finally done.  The old, old, old bills and bank statements have been shredded, the expand-a-file is set up, and the file cabinet is empty.  The top of the desk needs a little more organization, but there’s just stupid crap up there (like a book I want to read, extra office supplies, etc).  The babes and I agreed when we set up the file system that we really only needed to keep 6 months worth of bills on hand at any given time (really, who goes back and looks at utility bills unless you have a home based business and claim that stuff) and separated the remaining items into car maintenance records, medical receipts, tax related info, dog info, and a misc. file.  Now only if I can get him to get rid of the damn desk – I really don’t see the point.  Oh and if anyone wants to buy my used file cabinet, make me an offer.  We no longer have a need for it.  Here’s some pics so you can see the clutter and the clarity:



Well, that made me happy.  I’m happy to have another organized space.  Now onto other things, like packing for my trip to Texas.  Yes, I’m going back to visit Val with my other BFF Meg.  Poor Texas, you have no idea what you are in for.  I have no doubts that this mini-vacation will be filled with lots of laughter, memorable quotes, and a whole lot of randomness.  Don’t fret my friends, I will share!  Have a fantastic week!


One response to “Weeks 17 & 18 Update

  1. Looks awesome!!

    Can’t wait for your visit, woo hoo!!!!

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