Week 10/11 Update

Hi Friends. I’m sorry I haven’t been around in two weeks, but aside from Christmas (and those few pesky holiday pounds), there hasn’t been much to report.  Aside from my previously posted resolutions, I resolve in 2011 to report back weekly – is that a deal??  I will virtually extend my hand to shake your hand 🙂  Here’s the latest updates:

#35 Pare down and organize my favorite articles from magazines in my hall closet – half way there (like Bon Jovi’s ‘Livin on a Prayer’ – sing it with me peeps “Woah, we’re half way there…..”!!)  Thank God.  We are looking to redo our kitchen in 2011, so this is great because I can use my “Inspiration” Binder for ideas (side note:  I already feel bad for the people who will have to deal with me – I’m mapping out 3 different scenarios in my head, each with two different countertop option)

#64 Go to see Mets in Washington DC – I’m on a kick to see every baseball stadium in the country and the babes gave me an awesome Christmas gift (well one of two, see below).  On July 30th, we have tickets to see the Mets/Nationals in DC (I had previously gone to RFK – which was a dump, just sayin’).  I’m über excited!!!  For those baseball enthusiasts out there, I’ve been to the following stadiums:  Fenway (Boston), Old Yankee Stadium (Bronx, New York), Shea (Flushing, New York), Citi Field (Flushing, New York), The Vet (Philly), Citizens Bank (Philly), RFK (Washington DC), Camden Yards (Baltimore), Pro Player (Miami), Minute Maid Park (Houston), Rangers Ballpark (Arlington), AT&T Park (San Francisco).  I hope to see Chicago soon!

#67 Find a local boot camp workout and complete it – My BFF Val always talked about this boot camp that she does in Texas.  Since I’m nowhere near Dallas/Ft. Worth, it would be impossible for me to attend (and sorry Val, I’m still not moving to Texas).  For whatever reason, I checked out the classes at my gym (Future Fitness) and found that they have a boot camp class. So far I’ve gone twice, had two great workouts and I’m eager to go again.  My only wish is that this class ran more than once a week – I wonder if the gym has a suggestion box?

#98 Buy a new pair of Coach Sunglasses (I’m overdue) – I am not one of those accessory types (although I’m trying), but my one must-have accessory is a good pair of sunglasses.  I will buy a pair and keep them for years (in fact, I purchased my first pair of Coach sunglasses in 2003 and I still have them, in great shape and scratch free!).  The babes bought me a pair for Christmas (I was totally surprised that he would even dare to buy me something like that) and I love ’em.  Here I am rockin’ the new glasses (although Tyra might not be pleased at my cheese factor):

**Just as a final update for 2010; I’ve completed 11 tasks and I have 11 in process – High Five!**  Happy New Year – I wish you the best that 2011 has to offer! xoxo, Shan


One response to “Week 10/11 Update

  1. High five!!!!! So excited for updates on your kitchen remodel 🙂 happy new year!!!

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