Christmas Recap

Aaaah, Christmas is over 😦  I love the holidays, so it’s a bit tough for me when it’s all over.  I love getting together with family and celebrating.  Here’s a recap of how things went:

Thursday I ran with my awesome running group (Road Runners Club of Woodbury – you can link to their Facebook page here) and we had a small gathering @ Vic & Maria’s (thank you again if you are reading this – the stromboli was awesome).  It was great to talk about different races/training, and getting to know each-other outside the running world.

Friday morning I did my traditional grocery run @ 6:00 AM (yes, I’m crazy, but I do not deal well with crowds) to stock up on some essentials and get whatever I needed for Christmas dinner.  I cooked a great breakfast, did some running around and went to dinner @ Filomena’s in Blackwood (Steak + Crab = YUM!) with Eddie and my in-laws.  Ed loves Christmas Eve, but I’m more of a Christmas Day person.   Eddie went to a friend’s house and I stayed home, wrapped his gifts, and just sat with the doggies by the fireplace and the tree.  It was nice to just relax and remind myself how lucky I am to have a great family, husband, and friends.  I’m truly blessed.

Saturday (Christmas Day) was filled with craziness.  Eddie and I exchanged gifts (thanks babes) and I cooked and cleaned all day.  The family (Ed’s parents/sister, my sister Jen/2 kids, Bernie/girlfriend Linda, Sister Kelly/husband Paul/2 kids) were all there.  It was great to joke around, cook together, watch the kids open their gifts and just hang out. To quote my favorite Christmas Song “I wish every day could be like Christmas ” (by Bon Jovi – love it).  Here’s some pictures from the day:

All the kids (L to R): Riley, Dana, Colton, Makenzie

My big brother Bernie (wearing Riley’s pimp gear)

Whip-it shots – why do I let Bernie talk me into these things (also, I think this was how the food fight started Christmas 2003)

Kids opening gifts

And of course – this post wouldn’t be complete without my babies (and you know they are absolutely adorable – Mia & Mario)

I hope you all had a very wonderful Christmas!  Tell me all about your celebration!  I do wish each of you a fabulous 2011 – filled with love, happiness, health, success, and wealth!


2 responses to “Christmas Recap

  1. love love LOVE it!!! the pics are fab, please give kisses to my niece and nephew 🙂

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