Recently, my friend Jen posted an interesting question through her business Facebook page Get There From Here and asked “Have you begun thinking through what 2011 is going to be about for you?”  The first thing I thought of was the dreaded “New Years Resolution” – I usually get a little crazy with this, as do most people with making lofty goals that are often abandoned by the 3rd week in January. 

However, I’ve decided to forgo the traditional resolution and I’ll work on me this upcoming year. Call me selfish, I dare you.  But it’s not selfish. We are all a work in progress and I want to be the best me that I can be (ok, so that was a little Dr Seuss-ish). If I’m the best version of me, then I can be a better person to those I love. Here’s my plan:

*Continue with my 101 in 1001 goals – hell, the point of it was to find things I want to do and by using 1001 days I have plenty to time to achieve these goals;

*Exercise my body and mind (work out and read/take classes or seminars on things that I want to learn about). Just re-reading some of my blog posts, I find that I tend to talk about organization a lot, so that’s something worth exploring;

*Learn to say No.  I’m no different from my peers and fellow colleagues, I tend to take on too much between work and other outside the home commitments and I leave myself very little time to do things I enjoy or explore other interests;

*Continue writing the blog (as part of my challenge) as it has already proved to be a learning tool;


*Appreciate those people who want to be in my life instead of wasting time/energy on those who don’t.  I find that I put more energy and effort into relationships that aren’t mutually beneficial and I’m just tired of sacrificing my personal feelings and time on those who really don’t care or appreciate it.

What about you?  What do you have in store for 2011?


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