Week 8 Update

Hi Friends!  I’m back with my weekly update for my 101 in 1001 challenge.  Sadly, there isn’t much to report as I was very busy with my Annual Holiday Party (which was a huge success).  Here’s the latest standings:

#73 Organize office; shred old bills and set up a yearly expand-a-file for all current bills, med receipts, etc – I’m all about cutting down on clutter and our home office seems to be one of our most disorganized areas.  I would like to be able to clean up the whole space and utilize it as something other than a dumping ground.  I have a few thoughts in mind and saw some really good ideas as I was pilfering through my magazine build up (go to Real Simple; they have fabulous organizing ideas for everything).  I figured I’d start with the filing cabinet.  It’s an old cheap piece of crap that’s overly stuffed with utility bills dating back to 2001. My ultimate goal is to go completely paperless (and we already do with several payments, just not 100%), but I think that could be tackled in the next few years.  I decided that our best bet is to have an expand-a-file.  Everything would be labeled accordingly for paid items (mortgage, gas, electric, various credit cards), a designated section for currently due bills, medical receipts (handy for tax time), bank statements, and of course the tax return/notes (i.e reciepts for charitable contributions, etc).  At the end of the year the whole file can be filed away (yes, that was an intentional pun).  I think the hardest part will be to get Eddie to convert, BUT I’m also thinking that if we start this right from the beginning of the year, we can work on the file cabinet and get rid of the stuff we don’t need (and hopefully that awful file cabinet) and move on to other areas of the room.

#80 Host a brunch for my girlfriends – this is actually in process and scheduled for January 30th.  I love entertaining and since some of my good girlfriends are having some major life changes coming soon (marriage and babies), why not celebrate them!  I have a few tricks up my sleeve and I’m working on my theme/menu (yes, I plan things like this way far in advance).  I’ve already sent the save the date via Facebook and everyone seems on board.  I will certainly post about this when it’s all done (gotta get my inner Martha Stewart on).

Anyone have any fun holiday plans or goals for the New Year; any organizing tricks to share?  Hope you have a great week!!!


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