Week 7 Update

Hi friends!!!  Tis the Christmas Season!! I’m back with my weekly update for my 101 in 1001 challenge (and yes, I’m late, but I’ve been pretty consumed with work/Christmas – my apologies!!). So sit back with a leftover turkey leg (if it’s still good) and read away (by the way, I hope you all had a fantastic Thanksgiving and are eager to start in the madness of Christmas!!!!)

#35 Pare down and organize my favorite articles from magazines in my hall closet – I have two baskets full of magazines (Martha Stewart Home and Real Simple – my favorites) in my hall closet dating back to 2004. This is totally ridiculous and a complete waste of space (added bonus for Eddie, I will soon have 2 baskets at my disposal so I’ll hold off on adding to my basket collection). So I spent about an hour for 2 nights going thru them, ripping out pages that inspire me for decor, cooking, organizing. I’m going to sort them into 2 binders called “Inspiration Binder” and “Recipe Binder”. When I’m ready to tackle more home improvement projects or cook a new dinner, I’ll have these bad-boys handy. Here’s a picture of my baskets overflowing – ridiculous, right (don’t you also love how Mia is just posing too)???

#69 Start hosting Thanksgiving dinner – so 2010 is the first time I’ve hosted Thanksgiving for a few years. I’ve resisted for so long, partly because I host Christmas (that I didn’t want to get too involved two holidays in a row), and partly because I miss having the entire family with me on Thanksgiving . We kept things basic – turkey, mashed potatoes, stuffing, corn, cranberry sauce, pumpkin cheesecake, and a cherry pie (I made everything except the pie and cranberry sauce). It was a nice day with the family (Ed’s parents, his sister Paula, and my sister Jennifer). I’m thinking this could be an annual thing, as it wasn’t as bad as I had thought. Now only if I could come up with some cool traditions – maybe next year! I definitely need to decorate more!

Have a fantastic week!!!


One response to “Week 7 Update

  1. you are doing amazing, i am so proud (and slightly jealous) of you!!!! hope your xmas party is fab 🙂

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