So tonight, I’m cleaning out my closet…..

…Literally, not figuratively like my rapper pal Eminem.  However, as passionate as Eminem is about his rapping, I’m equally as passionate about home organization (and would love to get my professional organization license).  I hate clutter, especially in my walk-in closet .  Twice a year, I switch out my clothes packing up summer and hanging up winter (vice versa) as many of you do.  I thought I’d share a quick organizing tip for you to help with closet clutter:

When you swap out your clothes for the first time in a season, hang your hanger opposite as you normally would.  After you wear an item and return it to the closet, hang it the normal way.  At the end of the season, anything that has a reverse hanger(or has not been worn), discard or donate.  This way you have less to put away for a season and you are doing something good-by donating what you don’t wear to people who are less fortunate. 

Here’s a picture of my closet after (and yes, I’m saving $$ so I can incorporate a little more functionality/style here):

After the clean-out, I threw out one large trash bag of worn clothes and I also have one large bag to donate. 

Please feel free to  share any organizing tricks you have! I love good ideas!!!


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