Week 3 Update

Hey everyone!  I’m back with my week 3 update on my 101 in 1001 challenge. Here’s the latest standings:

8 Spend a day volunteering at either Gloucester County/Camden County Animal Shelter – I started researching this.  I sent an e-mail over to CC Animal Shelter because the Gloucester County website didn’t mention anything about volunteering. I’m pretty excited (because I love animals)  but also scared at the same time.  I’m borderline terrified to find out what actually happens at the shelters (I’ve heard too many horror stories). I hope they accept me for a day (who knows, maybe I’ll enjoy it and turn it into something a little more permanent).  If anyone knows of any local no-kill shelters in the Camden/Gloucester/Burlington County areas, let me know. 

16 Refinish a piece of used furniture for the spare bedroom – didn’t get to this, but I intend on priming (and hopefully painting) the dresser before the week is out.  Work/Halloween sucked the life out of me!

62 Give up social networking for 1 week  – so I’m starting this on Wednesday @ 12:00pm.  With the exception of a possible blog post (it’s auto linked through network blogs), you won’t hear a Facebook peep out of me for a whole week.  I think I spend entirely too much time on it (especially now that it’s cold out, I don’t want to do much of anything but sit around and be lazy), so I think we can be like Ross and Rachel from Friends and be “on a break” – (minus the cheating with the skank from the copy shop)! Plus, it will give me time to work on some of my other tasks I want to complete (#35 – paring down the magazines in my hall closet or #73 – start getting the office organized or even #60 – painting the dining room)

77 Write a letter to myself early in this challenge and don’t open it until the last day – done.  It’s interesting.  I feel like I gave myself a pep talk.  Guess we’ll find out how much my life has changed on July 13, 2013 (that seems so far from now!!)

Has anyone else jumped on board?  For those of you who have started your list, how are you doing with it?  I’d love to hear your updates too!


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