Happy Halloween

Ok, let’s get this out right away I am not a fan of Halloween.  My earliest memories of Halloween date to 1983/1984.  I was Smurfette and Jennifer was Papa Smurf (the family always thought it was ‘cute’ to dress us in a theme).  I absolutely hated the mask and the wig.   I also remember getting frightened by MJ’s classic “Thriller”, slamming my grandparents bedroom door shut (and our house was so old that the slightest bit of humidity would swell the doors when shut) and it got stuck.  I screamed like Marion Crane in ‘Psycho’ swearing that the monsters were coming out from under the bed to get me. To the present day, I still hate Halloween.  I get skeeved by the sight of candy corn, dry heave at the smell of costume makeup, and sweat nervously in Halloween superstores seeing all the creepy dead babies oozing blood/guts out of their mouths. 

Every year our good friends Ryan & Kelly host a Halloween party (in costume).  Ed tries to get me amped up for Halloween and costume searches/ideas, but I have a very hard time with it.  I am not creative, but in order for me to do anything Halloween-ish, I have to do something funny and non-threatening.  Two years ago at the initial party I was a pregnant nun and Eddie was a priest (sorry for all you die-hard religious people out there – I did pray and repent afterwards).  Last year Ed was a rock star and I was a groupie (see pic above), but I’m having difficulty coming up with something. In an effort to be creative, here were my options:

(1) I’d be a prisoner and Ed would be a dog (hence a prisoner and its Bitch) – yeah, Ed didn’t like that, but he’s always such a good sport so I was disappointed

(2) Ed could be Norman Bates and I would be Mother (from the movie Psycho – I love, love, love that movie) – again, Eddie shot it down

(3) I’d wear an American Asphalt Shirt and be an Asphalt Laborer – Ed said it lacked creativity

(4) Angel of Death

There were a few other options, but I’ll keep them secret for potential future use.  I ended up being none of the above and was some sort of 50s Pink Lady (I’d say Sandra Dee meets Rizzo).  I felt like it was a total cop-out, but it was something (bonus, I got to bust out the old class ring to wear!).   Here we are – my favorite wiener and me (sorry about the poor image quality – iPhone)

Now it’s time to go spend time with some of my favorite goblins, my niece Makenzie and my nephew Colton.  We always go trick-or-treating every year and with these two cuties around, it makes it a little easier to get into the Halloween spirit!




4 responses to “Happy Halloween

  1. Great Story Shan ! I love it & love you ! Happy Halloween xoxo

  2. haha i love it!! you look fab 🙂

  3. If you wish to dress up as the Angel of Death next year, you could opt to search your costume and accessories at the Halloween superstore BuyCostumes.com.

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