Week 2 Update

Welcome back kiddos for the weekly update.  Still maintaining the blog, so #1 is obvious.  Here’s the current standings:

#16 Refinish a piece of used furniture for spare bedroom. I still haven’t finished the dresser.  I’m looking forward to working on it this upcoming weekend.  I didn’t have time with the “Texas Invasion” (more on that soon).  I just want it done and put to use already!!! 

#17 Carve a pumpkin for Halloween I haven’t carved a pumpkin since I was a little girl.  It was nice to actually do something that’s somewhat creative.  I’m definitely not the creative type and my cousin Stephany is.  At her urging to help me complete a task, we carved two pumpkins for Halloween.  I’d have to say that they aren’t all that bad!

#57 Go to Carlos Bakery – home of TLC’s Cake Boss On Sunday, October 24, I went to Carlos Bakery with my Aunt Edna and my cousin Stephany.  After waiting in line for almost an hour (which moved rather quickly) we got in.  Unfortunately, we did not meet Buddy, but I did meet his older sister Grace!  She was super nice and came out to greet all the fans in the bakery. I’ll get into it more when I blog on my recent vacation/Texas Invasion.

#59 Get at least 3 people to do the list I think I have this settled.  So far my sister Jen, friends Chance and Val are on it.  Funny story about Val: When she checked in with me on 10/19 she sent the following text “I spent the better part of my afternoon thinking and can only come up with 72 things, can I pro-rate my 101 days to 720”.  This cracks me up because I remember back to our younger days in Gateway when she used to try to tempt me to cut the internal (our 1 mile run around the school perimeter) by offering money or food (Val – if you send me some goodies from Texas, I’ll consider your 72 in 720).  As of today, she has since updated to 80.  I can’t wait to see what Jen and Chance come up with as well.

#82 – 24 hours without a sarcastic comment.  It’s like pulling off a band-aid!!! . On Wednesday 10/20, I decided it would be the day starting @ 8:00 AM.  I failed by 8:19, when I referred to someone as a “short bald guy running round nervous” – I thought I was being descriptive.  My co-workers disagreed and decided that I should have a 3 strikes rule.  I think I’d be cheating myself.  So we agreed that from 8AM to 9AM would be my “warm up for the big game”.  I have been challenged quite a bit during this 24 hour period, but I did it!  Some of my challenges include:

(1) Eddie texted me with “The way things fly out (of your  mouth), you’d be better off being quiet” (Thanks for the support babes!)

(2) When someone said “Can I ask you a question” (my personal favorite) and I had all I could do to stop myself from saying “You just did”

(3) Eddie brought home a coffee machine (mind you he just bought one a few months ago).  He said “I can buy the coffee from Bed Bath & Beyond.  Ted (his boss) told me they take coupons.”  I really had to bite my tongue with this one.  I physically removed myself from the room just prior to saying, “You are taking lessons on being cheap!?!?!” (side note – there’s a long running joke about Eddie being very, very cheap).

(4) Ed (being sarcastic) said “I like you better this way”

(5) The last two hours of the challenge (7:00 – 9:00 on 10/21) were the most difficult.  I was training Chrissy how to process some paperwork (since I’ll be on vacation) and everything she was saying was sarcastic and I had to bite my tongue not to say anything!!  xoxo if you are reading this Chrissy!

Hope you had a fantastic week.  I still have one more day of vacation left, can’t wait to enjoy it!  Take care and I’ll update the vacation soon!


4 responses to “Week 2 Update

  1. I love it!!!!! I stole your sarcasm one for my list and that may be my my most difficult as well!

  2. ***Shannon did very well with no sarcasm. She had a rough start at the beginning but, we did give her the “warm up” period. LOL I was testing her I figured if she could get through that short period with me, she would be good the rest of the day. Glad to say she passed and I am sure it was hard for her….***

    • Thanks Chrissy! I’d be more likely to figure out a Rubik’s Cube before I ever sit through another 24 hrs without a sarcastic comment again! You definitely kept me entertained (and on my toes) the last two hours!

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