Week 1 Update

Ok, so here I am after the 1st week of the challenge.  I’m pretty excited that I made some progress already:

 1 Create (and maintain) a blog – which will keep updates on this bucket list among other life happenings.  Clearly you are here, and I’m updating (a teensy sarcastic comment – I swear that #82 will be the toughest part of this challenge – no sarcastic comments for 24 hours – YIKES).  This will definitely be an ongoing process and I plan to update this at least weekly (unless something good comes up that I can barely contain my excitement to share!). I’m glad to have started this and glad you are here to share in my journey!  

16 Refinish a piece of used furniture for the spare bedroom.  I found this little gem out on the side of Kings Hwy in Mt. Ephraim with a sign that said ‘free’ – I just couldn’t resist.  Thankfully I have brute strength and put this dresser into my Pathfinder (I LOVE my SUV).  So far I have stripped the paint down to the bare wood.  I was hoping to paint it this week, but I’m sidetracked by out-of-state visitors this weekend.  Hopefully I make some progress before next week (& I will devote a post just to my little thrifty find!)

22 Write a list of 10 things I’m thankful for and hang it up on my refrigerator and cubicle to remind me how lucky I am.  I saw a friends post on Facebook about how people post a lot of negativity and I just had to do this.  I’m a blessed gal.  Read all about it here.

57 Go to Carlos Bakery – home of TLC’s Cake Boss.  I have family visiting from Texas (I keep calling it “The Texas Invasion”) and this is planned for Sunday, October 24th.  I want to meet the Buddy’s Mom – she is the best!

65 Donate Blood.  We had a blood drive at work on Wednesday, 10/13/10.  I have not donated in 10+ years, so I felt good about it.  Looking forward to my next donation (Note: if you are interested to donate or volunteer for the American Red Cross, click here)

Hope you have a fantastic week!


4 responses to “Week 1 Update

  1. awesome! so excited you’re getting cake boss cake as your bday cake!!!

    • I’m pretty excited. I’m only getting a cupcake though, I highly doubt I could afford one of their cakes (they all look so expensive). You would probably love it too – just another reason why you need to come home & visit!

  2. Hey this is cool! I just told grandma about the Texas Invasion… and she like half laughed. Well I am excited that I can atleast take part in this! 🙂

    • Ha, I’ve been joking about that. It sounds funnier than “My Aunt and Cousin are coming to visit”. “Texas Invasion” just adds some pizazz! I will dedicate a whole post to your visit!

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