Feeling Thankful – pass the pie

Ok, so it’s not Thanksgiving yet, and I’m not rushing the holidays (although I love Christmas and I’m one of those idiots that gets insanely giddy seeing Christmas decor in September).  A friend on Facebook posted her status commenting about other statuses being negative and people should focus on the positive.  I felt this urge to complete # 22 on my list: Write a list of 10 things I’m thankful for and hang it up on my refrigerator and cubicle to remind me how lucky I am

(1) My husband Eddie – he’s the best person (and possibly the funniest) I know.  **Love you babes**

(2) My family – I’d be lost without all of you, and not to sound cliché, but we put the ‘fun’ in dysFUNctional

(3) My mom – even though she did not see me grow up, I know she’d be proud of me and I do my best to live my life for her too

(4) My little furbabies – Mario and Mia

(5) My home (or my sanctuary)

(6) My friends – especially Val & Megan.  These two have been through thick and thin with me and I love them dearly!

(7) All of my experiences in life so far – no matter how great or how terrible, they have shaped me into the person I am today.  I must say I’m quite proud of myself

(8) Alone time – as silly as this may sound, there’s nothing like some down time to think about what’s going on, be thankful for what I have, etc.

(9) My childhood – although not typical, I couldn’t have asked for a better upbringing. (Extra special thanks to my Grandmom & Aunt Kelly for being awesome female influences and helping steer me in the right direction)

(10) My DVR – yes, I had to put one ‘material’ item here.  The idea of watching commercials seems so foreign to me now.


One response to “Feeling Thankful – pass the pie

  1. Yes we do put the FUN in disfunctional!

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