Hi!  I’m Shannon.  It’s very nice to meet you and I welcome you to my little place in the world.  I’m a pretty simple person.  All I really want is to laugh and enjoy life. 

I have a husband (who I often refer to as ‘babes’) and two little yorkies, Mario and Mia (or as I call them Hoover and Bissel – wow can they clean up dropped food like no one’s business).  We have a nice home in S. Jersey that’s a constant work in process.  I also have several family and friends that I adore.

I decided to get into this whole blogging thing thanks to this journey I’m doing called “101 in 1001”  (more on that soon).  I thought this would be an interesting way to (1) track my progress in the next 1001 days to see if I complete all 101 projects and (2) use this as my ‘diary’ of all things I find interesting.

All I can say is “enjoy the ride”!


One response to “Introductions……

  1. Hi,

    Its nice to follow you on facebook. Your the only Hagerthey that admits to being related to me, outside of my immediate family:) Most of my immediate family are gone. We have much the same philosophy of life. My over 50 motto is if its not fun I’m not doing. Thankfully I enjoy my job:)

    Take Care,


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